Plushy does the Ice Bucket challenge!

Daisuke Takahashi doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (x)


Andrea Joyce: "What do you say to your doubters, people who thought maybe you couldn’t go out there and skate like this?"

Evgeni Plushenko: "Thank you very much!"


When did this happen? *A* 


When did this happen? *A* 



Plushy’s triple axel and his first quad toe since his surgery, from today


Artistry on Ice in Beijing 7-25-14


Artistry on Ice in Beijing 7-25-2014

Federica Faiella and Massimo Scali - Manolete [EC 2011, FD] (x)(x)

Source: kateua Via: dethspiralz

FS Music Questionary 

1. What overused piece of music are you sick of?

SO MANY. Romeo and JulietRequiem for a dreamSing, Sing, SingToscaYou raise me up for exhibitions, I could go on but maybe that’s enough complaining for now

2. What overused piece of music do you actually like?

I probably enjoy more cheap and overused motifs and tricks than is socially acceptable, but just to drop some titles, I still don’t seem to tire of the Masquerade Waltz, Swan Lake or Moonlight Sonata (does that qualify as overused?)

3. What composer/singer did you discover to yourself through figure skating?

obvious answer alert: I generally acquired any kind of decent awareness of classical music thanks to skating, but of all the musicians I guess I’d be most unlikely to stumble upon Edvin Marton without skating

4. What is the most rare/unusual to you piece of music that was used in a figure skating program?

Snoop Dogg’s Sweat
I’ve seen gazillions of various shows, and especially on the Russian Ice Age they skate to practically everything, including random non-music sounds and silence, so I really can’t name one I’m afraid… 

5. Strictly personal: is there a piece of music you think should be sacred because somebody skated so perfectly to it nobody can outdo it?

Much as I respect everybody’s freedom to try and perform to anything they like and blah blah, there are certain definitive programs which I don’t think anybody can top for me, so if you skate to The Man in the Iron Mask, Bolero, The Phantom of the Opera, Masquerade Waltz, Carmen, Tosca, Blues for Klook, Libertango, Pirates of the Caribbean, SexbombSuzanna, Tribute to Nijinsky music, Haendel’s Sarabande in D Minorand a few more, I will simply see somebody else than you on the ice (should I state whose versions I mean?…)

6. What piece of music your favorite skater(s) used that you think suited him/her/them perfectly?

I can’t really answer that, because the great ones tend to be able to skate to anything (or nothing for that matter) and, well, be great, even if some things do seem composed to be skated to specifically by them. The programs I mentioned in 5. probably fit this answer up to a point too

7. What is your wishlist for figure skating programs? (ooops missed this one!)

Of course I have a looong list and of course I can’t recall a single title right now -_- One thing though, I’d like to see more folk programs (preferably not just Kalinka and Bollywood music, maybe Balkans?)

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